Celebrating the tranquility of tea at Halekulani

Tea is the world’s favorite drink. It’s enjoyed as part of a morning ritual as well as a way to relax in the afternoon. At Halekulani, exceptional teas are part of each day, either at our restaurants, at SpaHalekulani, or at our Afternoon Tea, Honolulu’s finest, on the Veranda.

The tradition of afternoon tea dates back to the 1840s. The Seventh Duchess of Bedford, a close friend of Queen Victoria and a prominent society figure in London, complained of a ‘sinking feeling’ in the late afternoon, so she started having a pot of tea and a light snack. She began inviting her friends to join her and the event proved so popular that soon, the delicious ritual of Afternoon Tea was born.

At Halekulani, we proudly embrace the tradition with our own classic Afternoon Tea on the Veranda, which includes an array of tea sandwiches, freshly baked currant scones, pastries, cakes and an assortment of fine teas. Guests can enjoy a new afternoon menu, along with an enticing selection of teas, including Matcha specialties. Matcha is green tea that has been processed, finely milled and stone-ground into a powder. It has recently seen a tremendous growth in popularity due to its high level of antioxidants and ability to improve mental focus.

SpaHalekulani, our spa in Waikiki, also embraces the diversity of tea. “We work with a tea curator who goes to China regularly to source some of the finest teas,” says Kamela Nayeli, Director of SpaHalekulani. During the holidays, SpaHalekulani is introducing a tea bar, where guests can choose from a dozen artisanal teas, including ones from China, Hawaii, Japan and South Africa. “Tea is about slowing down and taking time. I also see tea as having healing properties,” says Kamala, making the new selection of teas a welcome addition to the spa.

International Tea Day is celebrated each year on December 15, but guests can celebrate the relaxing and healing properties of tea every day of the year at Halekulani.