• Man and woman spearfishing in Hawaii
  • Manoa Heritage Center main house
  • Kenyatta Kelechi wet plate photography
  • Hawaii Potters Guild

Halekulani Living TV Releases Season 7: Perfect Binge-Worthy Episodes to Learn About Hawaiian Culture

Halekulani Living TV has just launched the new season featuring videos that capture the Halekulani lifestyle through the traditions, culture, art, style, and food of Hawaii. This season focuses on the art of preservation in the islands and how the Hawaiian culture is staying connected to its roots during modern changes.

From our home to yours, view the ancient Hawaiian artform of spearfishing and experience this adventure led by Makani Christensen of Keawe Adventures. Learn how Kailua-based photographer Kenyatta Kelechi, revives an obscure form of portraiture using wet plate photography to capture the multiculturality of Hawaii’s family. Take a virtual tour of the luscious and bountiful gardens at The Manoa Heritage Center and learn how the Hawaii Potters’ Guild has become an iconic organization in the Honolulu arts community. 

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We invite you to also view our previous seasons (one to six) and embark on a journey through the lives of those who celebrate the lifestyle that makes Hawaii so unique. #HawaiiFromHome.