Meet the Family -- Julie Galves

In our ongoing series, Meet the Family, we introduce you to some of the people behind the scenes at Halekulani. Today we meet Julie Galves, Director of Revenue Management. She started at our sister property, Waikiki Parc, one of the best boutique hotels in Waikiki, before moving over to Halekulani. 


When did you start working for Halekulani?

I grew up on Oahu and was working at another property. My previous boss came to Waikiki Parc, and when there was an opening, he reached out to me. That was 16 years ago, back in 2000.

I’ve always worked in reservations or in revenue management, so in 2006 when the two properties combined the roles, my office moved across the street to Halekulani.


What do you do, in your role as Director of Revenue Management?

I analyze the numbers, to see how we are doing. I review various strategies, to understand the impact they are having. It’s like fitting the pieces of the puzzle together.


What was your first impression of the property?

I first started working at Waikiki Parc. I was really impressed by the level of service that the staff provided. I clearly remember one day, a guest left his watch in his room when he checked out. The room was being cleaned when the watch was found, but the guest was already on the way to the airport. So the front desk called the cab company who contacted the taxi he was in. The guest was told that there would be someone meeting him at the airport with his watch, and we sent it in a cab to the airport for him. That was so far beyond any level of service that I had experienced before. I couldn’t believe it. I thought: Who does that? Then I realized, if they care that much about their guests, they must care about their employees too. And I was right.


Do you have a favorite part of the property?

There are so many parts of Halekulani that I enjoy. There’s a serenity here that you don’t find at other properties. I’m part Hawaiian, so the history is important to me. I love the Main Building by Orchids and Lewers Lounge. I can imagine old Hawaii there.


What do you enjoy about working here?

Halekulani wows me a lot. There are so many staff who have been here for a long time. Our guests are the same. Now we have second and third generations of guests returning. Their family knows us and we know their family. I feel truly blessed to be working here.