Merwin Garden at Halekulani

Halekulani, luxury beachfront hotel in Waikiki, is dedicated to supporting the legacy of our island. On Friday, Nov 22nd, in the spirit of renewel, the hotel planted a young palm tree from the Merwin Conservancy and conducted a reblessing of the Merwin Garden at Halekulani in celebration of the late world renowned poet and dedicated ecologist W.S. Merwin, who passed away earlier in March 2019. 

The Merwin Garden at Halekulani, was established in September 2016 in partnership with the Merwin Conservancy, which supports the legacy of preserving Hawaii’s rich plant life.  In the late 1970s, the Pulitzer-prize winning poet and two-time poet laureate William Merwin bought three acres of an old pineapple plantation on Maui.  Unfortunately, due to chemicals left in the soil and deforestation, it was difficult for anything to grow on this land.  However in time, Merwin and his wife began planting trees.  With seeds collected from around the world, they grew an entire forest of palms, which is now one of the largest and most important collections of palms in the world. Today there are over 3,000 trees, including 400 species, on 19 acres of land on Merwin Palms, on the northern coast of Maui.  The land is considered Hawaii’s version of Walden Pond.  The mission of the Merwin Conservancy is to inspire innovation in the arts and sciences by advancing the ideas of W.S. Merwin – his life, work, house and palm forest – as fearless and graceful examples of the power of imagination and renewal. 

Watch the story about the Merwin Conservancy in our latest season of Halekulani Living TV: In Prose and Palms

While at Halekulani, please visit the Merwin Garden, located in front of the Main Building near the Veranda.  It is a small reflection of Merwin’s four decades dedicated to preserving palms for future generations.