Two concierges behind a counter in the Halekulani lobby


Vanessa Greene

Vanessa brings her love of good food and cooking to her work at Halekulani. A Concierge since 2013, she’s always looking to explore a new restaurant or café, and shares these new discoveries with our guests.

Photo of Vanessa Greene

What makes Honolulu special to you?

I love the relaxed culture and friendly people. For such a small island, there’s always something new to enjoy.

What are some of your favorite things to do in Honolulu?

I love cooking, hiking and being in the water.

Which are your favorite local Honolulu restaurants?

I always have a great meal at Imanas Tei. It’s a traditional Japanese seafood restaurant near the University, with a great atmosphere.

Another restaurant in the University area that I enjoy is Naru. It has Okinawan and Japanese cuisine.

Here in Waikiki, we have Kaiwa. It has delicious, modern Japanese food.

Roy’s, of course, is a favorite. And it’s right by Halekulani.

If I’m in Chinatown, one of the restaurants I always go to is The Pig and the Lady. It has wonderful Southeast Asian flavors.

What would be your perfect day in Honolulu?

I’d wake up and hike Manoa Falls. Then I’d have a latte and scone at Morning Glass Coffee Company.

I love the water, so I’d go down to the beach and relax in the sun. Then I’d head to Henry’s Place for a sorbet. After that, it’s home to try a new recipe and play with my puppies.

Vanessa’s favorite local Honolulu restaurants...

Imanas Tei
Imanas Tei

At Imanas Tei, the atmosphere is both contemporary and cozy. With an extensive sushi menu, as well as grilled and deep-fried options, it's no wonder that it's a dining destination that is always busy. 


Naru is a restaurant dedicated to offering drinks that complement the food, in a traditional Japanese setting. With items such as Gyoza Pizza, Shoyu Pork Belly and daily specials, it's a delicious dining adventure. 


Kaiwa offers a menu of modern Japanese dishes that use locally grown ingredients and authentic Japanese cooking techniques. Its menu is simple but distinctive, featuring sushi and teppan-grilled dishes.



Roy’s is one of the most popular restaurants in Waikiki, and is just across the street from Halekulani. The menu is a delectable and inventive blend of Hawaiian and Japanese dishes, inspired by European cooking techniques. It's a favorite in Honolulu.  

The Pig and the Lady
The Pig and the Lady

At The Pig and the Lady, guests enjoy its eclectic menu. Here, home cooking is inspired by the flavors of Vietnam, the Pacific and Hawaii. In addition, the restaurant celebrates local ingredients, for tastes that are distinctive and memorable.