L’Aperitif Menu

Cocktail Accompagnements
Chocolate Orangette
Chorizo and Shellfish Cromesqui
Cured Cucumber and Escargot Eggs
Duck Foie Gras, Marmelade of Figs
Frog Lollipop
Marinated Mushroom and Onion
Oyster, Calamansi Sorbet
Vegetable Brunoise with Iberico Gelee Cream of Bacon
Cocktail Élégance
Five Pennies
Agave Tequila, lime, lemon and yuzu juice with a hint of bio Agave syrup, egg white and Hawaiian black sea salt. (Yes, there are more than 5 ingredients, but Red Nichols often had more than 5 musicians too!)
A tender loving blend of Chopin Vodka, vibrant, lilikoi, coconut water and a spritz of champagne
3 Blind Mice
White Rum with vanilla essence enhancing tangy freshly pressed rhubarb juice and a point of sugar. Think of rhubarb and custard and this is the taste but without the sweetness.
The Red Nichols Manhattan
Templeton Rye with Carpano Antico Vermouth, spiced with Halekulani bitters and then smoked.
Cocktail sans Alcohol
Delicious and Exciting ‘Faux Tails’: All the taste of classic French mixology with exotic lingering perfume, but these have absolutely no alcohol in them.
The Chang Apana
Fresh watermelon shaken and filtered with a teaspoon of olive oil and grated pepper. Served in a Martini glass.
Absinthe Angel
Cucumber with Green Aniseed infusion offering a souvenir of the “absinthious’ past of the Jazz era.
Peach Blossom
Sparkling Italian Peach Gavioli tropically infused with nectar of coconut and lilikoi.
Martini Meringue
Our own Lemon Charlie with lemon skin soaked vodka sugar and floated meringue.
Halekulani Cocktail
Rediscovering a “House Without a Key” cocktail from 1930. Halekulani Bourbon, pineapple, orange, lemon juice, bitters and grenadine.
Henry's Wallbanger
Henry’s mixture of Don Julio and Galliano, refreshed with orange juice, shaken and strained.
La Cage de Chanel
Gin Citadelle Francais, St. Germain, lemon infusion, Champagne.
Miss Bonde
A maceration of fresh raspberries in vodka necessary to extract the soul of the fruit, offering its pure essence to then be caressed with Champagne.
The Serendipity Cocktail
The Serendipity Cocktail is the most fashionable cocktail in France today. Created by Colin Field in Paris in 1994, it is now in the Larousse Encyclopedia as France’s modern classic.
Hemingway Old Fashioned
Templeton Rye Whiskey, sugar and bitters of Trinidad mixed with the juice of one half lemon and orange. We add plenty of ice and stir for 12 seconds and you say “Oh my God!”
Mach 2
of the smoky Laphroaig whisky of Islay and Green Chartreuse from Voiron near Grenoble in France.
Applicable Excise Tax and Gratuity are not included in the above prices.
For parties of 6 or more guests, a service charge of 18% will be applied.